Early May Update on Our Research Into Sinai in Arabia

It’s May, and we’re pressing on full-speed ahead with our work and research on the Mount Sinai project. We’ve got several exciting updates to share with you!

First, we sharing our material online as far and wide as we can spread it, and this includes permeating into the Arabic world. In order to spread our research, this requires Arabic translation, a pricey work.

We rely on our donors to support our mission and we greatly appreciate your contributions! Your support is making a difference, thank you for helping to spread this message. If you have not yet donated, please consider making a contribution to help us move forward in the work to protect Mount Sinai!

Next, our research team has been diligently working to find as much evidence as possible for our theory. Some of our most important resources have included Josephus’ The Antiquities of the Jews, Eusebius’ The Onomasticon, Alois Musil’s The Northern Hegaz: A Topographical Index, and more!

Take a look at some of our pages that have been updated throughout April:

Timeline: The Tradition Of Mount Sinai’s Arabian Location

Maps Of Mount Sinai, Egypt, And Midian

Jethro and Moses in Midian

The Cave of Elijah at Mount Sinai

In addition to these updates, we’ve also added a new page that details several key locations that further point to an Arabian location for Mount Sinai: Kadesh-Barnea, and Ezion-Geber. Take a read of this page to see how later passages of Scripture, and historical sources, point to Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia.

Our research team is working hard to find more evidence and we look forward to sharing more of our discoveries with you!

We’ve also been making waves in the news as well. The UK’s Daily Star recently ran a story about our documentary in April and we were even featured on the Drudge Report.

I was also on TBN with Erick Stackelbeck and Jonathan Cahn discussing our project. The broadcast aired on TBN on April 26 at 8/7C. Check your local TBN station for a time when the interview will run again!

We have several new things coming down the pike and will provide updates soon. Thank you all so much for following us and for supporting our mission. The research on Mount Sinai continues!

The Doubting Thomas Research Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that relies on donations for its operations. Your contributions will help us continue the work to protect Mount Sinai. Please donate today!

7 thoughts on “Early May Update on Our Research Into Sinai in Arabia”

  1. I don’t understand why you’re trying to prove the bible with these finds. You obviously see that the Bedouins know about these places and they have their knowledge of Quran. I’m all for these sites to be excavated, however I believe a person of every abrahamic faith should be a part of it. That way everyone can share their opinions.

  2. Just found your show on Youtube and my wife and I were very excited to see this ancient story come to life. I always assumed that the Mount of Moses was in the Sinai Peninsula; near the christian monastery. Thanks also for sharing the political/religious implications and how this could unite researchers from all faiths and walks of life as we look into this amazing history.

  3. Hello DTRF, This is amazing, but I am trying to find out the latitude/longitude of Moses altar, if you have it. Thank you so much in-advance!

    1. Logan Kiesewetter

      Hi Carla! Here are the coordinates to the altar of Moses:
      28°35’04.8″N 35°22’43.5″E
      You should be able to enter those coordinates in on Google Earth and they’ll take you right to the site.

  4. 28.651644424840008, 35.30291857088323
    Why no mention of the marble quarry just below the south side of the summit?
    What do the locals have to say about it?

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