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doubting thomas in the news

Our research is regularly making waves in the news media all around the world. Check out some of our most recent media mentions below!

March 2020

Holmes County Pastor Visits Saudi Arabia - The Daily Reporter - Wooster, OH

December 2019

Jesus revelation: Major biblical breakthrough dismantles theories on Moses and Golden Calf - Express (UK)

Bible bombshell as site found 'where Moses smashed Golden Calf' - Daily Star (UK)

Update on Mt Sinai, Christian tours - Stand Up for Truth w/ David Fiorisa radio show

November 2019

Ancient Hebrew Inscription Reveals Location Of Biblical Mount Sinai - Ancient Pages

Bible Scholars Claim Discovered 'Ancient Hebrew Inscriptions' Reveal Biblical Mount Sinai's Location - Sputnik News International (Russia)

Bible revelation: Major ancient discovery could alter the story of God meeting Moses - TheUSPosts

Bible Revelation: Major Ancient Discovery Could Altar the Story of God Meeting Moses - Express (UK)

Bible scholars find ‘ancient Hebrew inscription at site where God met Moses’ - DailyStar - (UK)

October 2019

Researchers confirm that the events of the Exodus took place in Saudi Arabia and not in the Egyptian Sinai desert - CBN (Arabic)

Rare Biblical Sites in Saudi Arabia Now Open to Group Tours - The Filipino Times

Saudi Arabia to Allow Access to Ancient Biblical Sites, Including ‘the Real’ Mount Sinai - CBN 

Saudi Arabia to Allow Access to Ancient Biblical Sites, Including the 'Real’ Mount Sinai - Faithwire

Saudi Government Opening Up Archaeological Sites - Creation-Evolution Headlines

Saudi Arabia to Allow Access to "Real Mount Sinai" - Breaking Israel News

Major change: Saudi Arabia opens tourism to Bible sites! Including 'real Mount Sinai' where God gave Moses Ten Commandments - WND

Saudi Arabia Opens Tourism to Ancient Biblical Sites: 'The Atmosphere is Changing' - Fox News

September 2019

Remembering the Real Mount Sinai: The Forgotten Mountain of God - Living Passages

August 2019

Is the Real Mount Sinai Located in Saudi Arabia? - The Watchman with Erick Stakelbeck (TBN)

July 2019

Muslims See "Jewish Plot" in Film About "Real Mount Sinai" - World Net Daily

Islamists Claim Search for Mt Sinai is Jewish-American Plot to Conquer Saudi Arabia - Breaking Israel News

June 2019

Explosive Documentary Bares Truth About Moses and the Bible - Newsmax

Finding the Mountain of Moses - Newsmax TV

May 2019

America First | Sebastian Gorka | Ryan Mauro | Sinai in Arabia - America First with Sebastian Gorka

Compelling evidence points to Mt. Sinai being in Saudi Arabia, not Egypt - NOQ Report

ARA Rood Crew Radio - February 2019 - Ryan Mauro - The Real Mount Sinai - A Rood Awakening

The "incredible" discovery? Researchers claim they have found the "Exodus" - Stiri Crestine

Dennis Prager 20190508 – 2 The Real Mt. Sinai - Dennis Prager Radio Show

The Wilderness Route - Vision Christian Radio

April 2019

Bible PROOF: Evidence of Moses’ journey from Egypt to Saudi Arabia REVEALED - The Daily Express

Bible Exodus route mapped as scholars reveal journey from 'Egypt to Saudi Arabia' - The Daily Star

Praise | Erick Stakelbeck hosts Jonathan Cahn and Ryan Mauro - Trinity Broadcasting Network

Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia? - Israel National News

‘Mind-Blowing’ Evidence of Moses’ Journey From Egypt to Saudi Arabia REVEALED - Sputnik News

'Mind-Blowing' Evidence of Exodus Revealed - World Net Daily

'Simply Mind-Blowing': Researchers Believe They've Discovered the Route Moses Took Out of Egypt - CBN News

America First with Sebastian Gorka - April 19, Hour 2

Researchers believe they’ve discovered Moses’ Exodus route - Uganda Christian News

Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia?! – Political Hitman - Jewish Press

Researchers ‘Fully Convinced' They’ve Found Route Moses Took Out of Egypt - FaithWire

Finds confirm the truth of biblical history - Mount Sinai - (Poland)

FRC - Washington Watch with Tony Perkins - Family Research Council

March 2019

Ryan Mauro: Locating Historical Biblical Places - The Opperman Report

February 2019

Saudi Arabia to DESTROY Bible’s 10 Commandments holy site to ‘stop idolatry by West’ - The Daily Star

Uncovering Mount Moses & Geopolitics in the Middle East – An Interview with Ryan Mauro – Episode 400 - Blunt Force Truth

Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia - Shabbat Night Live - 02/08/19 - A Rood Awakening!

Saudis Are Hiding the Real Location of Mount Sinai, Bible Researchers Claim - Sputnik News

Study reveals the location of the sea split (parting) of our master/ prophet Moses during the journey out of Egypt - Akhbarak

January 2019

MASS EXODUS: Fears holy site ‘where Moses received Ten Commandments’ could be bulldozed to make way for Saudi megacity - The Sun

Site claimed to be where Moses received Ten Commandments to be bulldozed for Saudi mega-city - Premier

Searching for Mt. Sinai: Documentary Claims to Finally Pinpoint the 'Mountain of Moses' - CBN News

Bible site where ‘God met Moses’ to be BULLDOZED for 'super city' by Saudi Arabia - The Daily Star

Holy site where God gave Moses 10 Commandments ‘to be bulldozed for Saudi mega-city' - The Daily Express

Saudi Megalopolis to be Built on Top of Mount Sinai? - Breaking Israel News

Scholars Claim S Arabia to Level Alleged Biblical Site to Build Futuristic City - Sputnik News

BIBLE BOMBSHELL: Moses DID part Red Sea - shock ‘proof’ revealed by scientists - The Daily Express

A Saudi Project Threatens a "Sacred" Site for the Ten Commandments - RT Arabic

Report: Saudi government to bulldoze alleged location of Biblical Mt. Sinai - Patheos

Report: Saudi government to bulldoze alleged location of Biblical Mt. Sinai - The Hayride

Alleged Biblical Site to be Destroyed For Saudi Megacity - South Jersey Christian Voice

December 2018

The Glenn Beck Radio Show - December 17, 2018

WATCH: Video shows stunning new evidence supporting Biblical account of Moses and the Exodus - TheBlaze

See Jaw-Dropping Evidence of 'Real Mount Sinai' - World Net Daily

Viral online film argues Exodus went into Saudi Arabia, Mt. Sinai located in Muslim nation - Christian Post

Finding the Mountain of Moses: The Real Mount Sinai - Breaking Israel News

November 2018

Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia? See It For Yourself - World Net Daily

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