Mission Statement


The Doubting Thomas Research Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to investigating the historicity of Biblical accounts and their possible reconciliations with modern understandings of science, archaeology and history.
We are also a humanitarian organization dedicated to helping protect and rescue persecuted Christians, Jews, and other people/groups targeted by radical extremists.
In terms of Biblical history, we believe there is solid, credible evidence within archaeology and other scientific disciplines confirming the historical accuracy of the Biblical text. We believe many scholars have overlooked this by looking for evidence in the wrong time period(s) or wrong location(s), which is something several professionals in the field have pointed out as well.

We present this evidence for the purposes of education and to help people gain an understanding and appreciation for the Bible as a text conveying authentic history.

DTRF currently specializes in documenting theories about Moses, the Exodus route and possible locations of Mount Sinai. Additionally, we are engaged in and will continue to engage in projects related to other eras of Biblical history. It should be noted though that Doubting Thomas Research Foundation is not a proselytizing organization.
In terms of our humanitarian efforts, due to our President, Ryan Mauro's, background and work in international affairs and counter-terrorism/extremism, DTRF engages in rescue/aid projects, helping those who are being hunted by terrorist and other extremest groups.

We currently have ongoing humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan. With the help of our partners, we have been able to evacuate a group Christians from the country and have a large number of people in the country in our care. With our partners, we provide safe houses, food, medical treatment, and other forms of support for those in need. All of this has the end goal of evacuation to a country of refuge and then new citizenship for the refugees.

Our Goal

For our Biblical research, we seek for the truth wherever it may lead. We are committed to the highest standards of integrity and academic honesty, and will review our research when new evidence is brought to light regarding competing theories.

For our humanitarian efforts, we seek to support and help sustain people going through immense hardship. Our goal is provide them with high quality of life, the utmost care and humane treatment, and do all we can to get them to safety.


We will, at all times, conduct ourselves with the highest standards of professionalism in all that we do - and with our Biblical research will never seek to disparage opposing viewpoints or those that hold opposing viewpoints.


As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we will always be open and transparent with our donors about how our foundation operates. Donors can reach out to us at any point and request information about our operations and how their dollars are being used.

Research & Sourcing

In terms of our Biblical work, we base our research on a wide variety of sources, including primary documents, religious texts and traditions, modern scholarly assessment, and on-the-ground visitation. We will consider valid and relevant evidence from any of these types of sources during the course of our studies.

For our humanitarian efforts, we partner with other organizations and individuals of the highest standards. We vet these groups before working with them and we also vet those coming to us for aid to make sure they are not involved with terrorist groups in any way. In doing this, we make sure those who request assistance are genuine and then we strive to provide them with the things they need.