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Finding the Mountain of Moses

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There is a long-standing academic consensus that the story of the Exodus is entirely, or almost entirely, a myth.

This conclusion is partially based on research that assumes the traditional candidate for Mount Sinai in the southern part of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula is legitimate. Although some experts believe in the credibility of that tradition, many have come away disappointed with the evidence (or lack thereof) after a great deal of archaeological excavation in the area.

The result has been a widespread rejection of the historicity of the Exodus story and proposals for over a dozen other mountains as possible candidates for Mount Sinai. Some of these candidates are in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, but others are further east in Saudi Arabia.

Timeline: The Tradition of Mount Sinai’s Arabian Location

About the Doubting Thomas Research Foundation

Key Biblical Locations That Point to Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia

The Doubting Thomas Research Foundation was established to document the history of the theory and to provide our contributions to the historiography. Based on our research, we believe that Jabal Maqla in Saudi Arabia is the best candidate for Mount Sinai.

Research regarding Jabal Maqla's candidacy has been severely limited due to a lack of access to outsiders, with aspiring visitors being arrested, threatened, harassed and blocked by Saudi security or hostile locals. Doubting Thomas Research Foundation staff are among a tiny group of Westerners who have successfully visited the sites in question.

In the coming years, we plan more trips to Saudi Arabia, and to other candidates for Mount Sinai, to further investigate evidence of the Exodus. Our research team is also constantly working behind the scenes to update the pages on this website, providing new information about each piece of the Exodus account.

We hope you enjoy the product of our work and consider making a contribution to help us continue the work. Your support makes a big difference!

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