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  1. Thank you for helping to protect this site and for letting more people know about the site.
    We have known about this location since the days of Ron Wyatt. We heard him speak of it [on video] and saw pictures of the location made by Ron Wyatt and his associates.

    I have allso head Joel Richardson speak of it in person and have listened to his DVD presentation. We have spoken with our Bible classes about it. We wish you the best in your work and will be contributing as God allows.
    Mike and Pam Scott
    Meadowlakes, Texas

  2. Love your site! I have signed the protest. I am personally praying for Yahshua’s will to be done considering this issue. I personally hope they leave this land be! But perhaps God has something more he wishes to be revealed.

  3. avraham motola

    Please place a pause button,The pictures move very fast.
    please contact me for having you to give a lecture and screening in Israel
    thank you.

  4. Watching this was truly inspirational. This site is one of the most important in the world and must be preserved and investigated.
    God has allowed this to happen at this time so I will await with interest to see how events develop.
    You are doing wonderful work and following God’s will. He will protect you and your work.
    My prayers will be with you and I intend to make a donation as soon as possible.
    May the good Lord protect and bless the work you are doing.

  5. It’s the nearing of the end the seventh day of year 2021/ 5782 SUKKOT. Entering the eighth day, Resurrection Day.
    This site helps in the culmination of an entire 7 month journey through Judaism, a quest beginning with the words of the Ten Commands “And the Lord God spake these words: I am the Lord your God who has brought you out of the house of bondage, out of the land of Egypt” 1. You shall have no other gods before me, the answer to the question as to why the Commandments are and ending with the question: Who is Jesus, what is his significance, March (month 1, Nisan) Passover, which answers that question and all Holy Days and Festivals through to September (month 7, Tishrei), Sukkot, to culminate on the end of the eighth day of Sukkot, Resurrection (month 8). The movements of Jesus into the Holiest of Holy Places to atone for the fallen race of Adam, Genesis 3:17, on Yom Kippur ( month 7, Tishrei) and to come out of Babylon,(Sukkot) Who are the People of Israel, Deut. 28 to be raised up again.

    As a Gentile, this has been one of the most shaking of experiences I have ever witnessed, that one People, called by God being admonished, generation after generation. The bible, an entire book of the Hebrew’s, written about a Hebrew, by Hebrew’s and how a Gentile came to find the mercy and the inclusion of all people by Jesus the Christ’s reason for sacrificing himself and the acceptance of all mankind, bringing all to repentance and the knowledge upon obedience to the Law of God. The Commandments, written from Mt. Sinai, to the Hebrew for all mankind’s sake. To be shared, as it’s intended purpose not to be made exclusive to a few.

    1. Logan Kiesewetter

      Hello Karen! Thank you so much for sharing this! It’s very deeply appreciated! God bless you!

      – Doubting Thomas Research Foundation team

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